Doll Makeovers

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Life has a way of doing that! How is it August already? We are coming up on the last two dates for the seasonal flea market I mentioned in my last post, & I am hoping that the inevitable change in seasons will help me make more sales. Recently I haven’t been so successful, but with Autumn quickly approaching I hope more folks will be in the market for crochet goods. My partner & I are also preparing for the first of three First Friday events; First Friday is an event that happens every month & during the warmer months there are spaces for outdoor vendors. August’s First Friday also coincides with the Football Hall of Fame festivities, so we are hoping for extra foot traffic! First Friday has been successful in the past so we are hoping this year will be even better.

I’ve been getting back into the swing of crocheting this week, but recently I’ve been trying to focus more on my doll collection. I purchased a Pleasant Company Molly a few months ago who has been waiting patiently for a makeover, along with a TLC Marie-Grace who really needed some work. I finally made time to sit down & work on these dolls, & I’m pretty pleased with the results! Now all I need is to finish Sam (#26’s) hair & restring her & restring Elina (#3) & I will be in business!

Marie-Grace was a shopgoodwill find who was in rough shape. Covered in nail polish with her hair chopped short, she was in desperate need of a makeover. Instead of turning her back into Marie-Grace, however, I decided to make her a new character. I removed the nail polish from her vinyl, re-positioned & trimmed her wig, & voila! Meet Charlie!


Molly & Charlie both needed their lips repainted, plus Molly needed a little color in her cheeks. I scoured the internet for tutorials & finally found one that made sense to me. The trouble then was mixing the right color. It seems so simple but mixing paints to achieve that perfect shade can be a struggle. Finally I got it just right & was able to give these dolls the spruce-up they deserve. Molly’s cheek coloring is a little uneven, but I am pleased with it for now. Don’t they look so much better?


I also made some furniture for my doll dorms! A chair & couch from old foam, fabric, & cardboard boxes! For my first attempt I’m very pleased with the result. I’m hoping to make more furniture (plus repaint some that I already have) in the near future.


One last photo: I walked into the spare bedroom (aka my doll/craft/sewing/etc room) & found this scene. Wrestling match? Or perhaps a certain cat hopped into the shelf & knocked them over? Either way, at least you can see the couch & chair I made in action, haha!


Until next time, Renee


6 thoughts on “Doll Makeovers

  1. Wow, makes you wonder what kids do to some of these dolls, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t have thought of turning MG into a boy, but it turned out great! ROFL at the wrestling match, we have a similar issue around here at times with a certain little dog.


    1. Thank you! Charlie is actually short for Charlotte, but she is rather tomboyish! 🙂 It’s amazing how critters get into the doll things! I keep the door to the spare room shut but as soon as I open it our cat goes flying in! He is just nosy & needs to be involved in everything I suppose.


  2. Really like your blog, Renee. I too can hardly resist rescuing a doll and fixing her up. Any thoughts on restringing a Magic Attic doll? I’m feeling a bit timid to try on mine.


    1. Thank you so much, Becky! It’s funny you mention the Magic Attic girls, mine have been patiently waiting for a restringing too! I have a tutorial I can link you, but it makes me nervous thinking about trying it. I am actually considering restringing them similar to the way American Girl dolls are strung; using elastic, crimp splice caps/ferrules, the plastic cups in the limbs, & a metal wingnut to restring each limb individually. If I give it a try I will try to take photos & make a post! Here is the tutorial I mentioned, hopefully it is helpful:


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