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For weeks now I’ve been planning a new blog post. I’ve been mulling over topics and half-committing to one or another, but never enough to actually sit down and write a post. I thought about revisiting a craft project I did for my brief guest blogging position but never got around to working on it. I thought about documenting some of the crafty projects I have been doing in preparation for flea market season, but I didn’t have much to write about that either. I thought about writing about my dolls again, but decided against it for fear my blog would become too much of one thing. So, I just didn’t write anything.

Spring has finally decided to show its face for more than a day where I live and I am eternally grateful for some sun and greenery. We had some warm days then got hit with snow at the beginning of April. Finally the grass is growing, the trees are starting to bud, and my allergies are in full swing. The temperature doesn’t want to stay warm, but I’m sure it will improve now that we are into May!

Our first flea market event was the third Saturday in April and it was a success. This market just started last year and took a while to gain momentum, but this year it has already gotten off to a great start. It takes place in the downtown area of where I grew up, a place that has experienced incredible growth over the past few years. Where there once was nothing, a new arts district has taken shape, bringing in lots of new events, shops, and opportunities for creative types. I’ve been able to intern at an art gallery for my bachelor’s degree, participate in the monthly art walks as a vendor, and sell my wares at the new flea market as well.


Some necklaces I’ve been working on!
I started sewing expandable headbands!


If you thought I wasn’t going to mention dolls at all in this post, rest assured I wouldn’t let that happen! I’ve actually been downsizing my doll collection recently; I looked around one day and realized I really had gone overboard. Some of the dolls have already been re-homed and I am considering doing that with a few more. I love my dolls but I realized I had too many and someone else would probably be able to appreciate them more than I was. The trouble with having so many dolls is I never seem to have enough stuff for them! I have very little furniture and clothing, and my original plan was to build a dormitory for them in the closet of the spare bedroom (that is soon to be my crafting room). By downsizing how many dolls I have, I can make room for the other things I really want (I’ve been eyeing that My Life As desk every time I go to Wal-Mart…). I even found the Our Generation laundry set and bathtub set at Target! I also won a Shop Goodwill auction for a PC Molly and finally got her cleaned up and restrung. She still needs some color added to her face (if you’ve seen the older Pleasant Company dolls you probably understand exactly what I’m saying) but she is looking great otherwise. I was planning to sew her some outfits but haven’t gotten to it yet, so in the mean time I am hoping to find a premade outfit that suits her. I also have a JLY 26 that my partner bought me for my birthday who needs restrung and her hair fixed (her curls are a mess!), so there are plenty of things to keep me busy in doll world!

This is how Molly arrived from shopgoodwill…
Molly before cleaning and restringing.
Molly looking much better! I’ll get more pictures soon!
#26, who I think is going to be named Sam!
Finally I have some pieces for my doll dorms!

I have so many things I want to work on, hopefully I will have more to share soon!

Until next time! Renee




4 thoughts on “Life and Stuff

  1. Poor Molly, someone must have thought she was a contortionist or something! I know exactly what you mean about needing some color, my Samantha looks anemic in comparison to my other girls. Cool jewelry, I love the headband too!


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